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The process of inglaze decoration
In inglaze decoration, white porcelain wares are painted and subsequently fired at a high temperature of a range between 1,050 C‹ and 1,250 C‹. The high firing causes the colors to sink inside the transparent glaze for eventual colorization.
A piece can be created by many different ways, depending on the style, instruments and biscuits that you would like to choose.
œDecorazione inglazeœ Think of a design, taking the shape of the plate into account.
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(The main component of the colors is glass which will subsequently melt at firing. Even if you apply a thick layer of Pigments, it will not come off).
In order to keep the number of firing as minimal as possible (which is recommendable in order to get a better outcome in terms of colors), we would try firing only once.
For this end, paint using colors in abundance (that is, do not apply brush strokes repeatedly). (Always remember that inglaze painting is not suitable for superimposing one color over another except when the colors are similar or the same).

Some colors specifically designed for inglaze have a narrow range of temperatures for colorization, that is, about 10 degrees. In particular, red, pink, purple and similar colors have these characteristics.

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Exhibition / Mostra
œƒCƒ“ƒOƒŒ[ƒYŠG•tŽM “Wœ

Yokohama, at Art Gallery ŽRŽθ

2006.11.17fri - 28tue
Chigasaki, at KALO KALO HOUSE

Yokohama, at Art Gallery ŽRŽθ

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2009.4 Yokohama, at Art Gallery ŽRŽθ
Fire the piece after the completion of the painting
.Firing at (1050 Ž)
Porcelain Painting INGLAZE
Fire the piece at 770 C‹ after applying real gold, luster, etc.
Firing at 1,050 C‹ 

Basically, a piece is fired only once or twice in Inglaze decoration. It should be noted that there is a difference in firing temperature between born china and porcelain potteries.

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